Dobermans By Design

I strive to produce your next working dog, agility competitor, family guardian, show dog, and best of all, loving companion! All litters have been raised in a family home environment. They are looked after and handled daily. 

Dobermans By Design is participating in cutting edge DNA diversity testing for the Doberman Breed with UC Davis AND the Doberman Diversity Project with Embark. What does this mean? I have tested my breeding stock DNA to distinguish genetic diversity of all of my dogs. This practice, along with health testing and pedigree research could help with better parings for the future. Stay tuned as this project develops  for findings of the stage 1 development.   

 ALL buyers will be screened. Puppies will be placed in loving homes, preferably with an owner/family that has experience with large dogs/dobermans. I will place puppies according to your goals as an owner. Please see puppy application under "Contact Me."  


Dobermans By Design is a small program which focuses on breeding top quality, all-around dobermans, that meet the AKC standard. Health, longevity and disposition always comes first; however, conformation, drive, agility, and versatility complete the package. My passion for Dobermans fuels the goals of the program by selectively breeding to ensure the stud and bitch complement each other correctly.  

Dobermans By Design

2016 litter

Look how we have grown!