Dobermans By Design

I cannot say enough good things about these dogs , AND the people that raise them! There is so much love surrounding the entire process. These dogs have wonderful, loving people taking the best care possible.... FAR from some of the back yard breeders selling off low quality, unhealthy dogs for profit. The dogs themselves are smart, loving, well trained companions. My local vet was very impressed with the overall health and beauty of my pup! I personally have owned several dobies, and by far, my DbD dobie has been the best! I highly recommend Dobermans by Design, if you love the breed and want a wonderful friend! - Amy Cullison, WV

I first saw my Rayna in March of 2016, picked her out, and brought her home in May. Her ears had been done and all shots were up to date and she was healthy. She has such a wonderful temperament. She has a great heart and is so smart. I would definitely recommend Jessi to anyone and if I could I would buy from her again! I would recommend this breeder to everyone! My 10 month old is sweet and healthy!!!! - Ronda Durahm, PA